Monday, March 6, 2023

Waconia Baseball Pennant 1889

     The sorting of my 50 years of collected stuff is still running well.  In the past few days I have been working on the boxes that piled up in the closet of my at home office.  I've found some really interesting things.  I have piles of trash bags ready for the dump.  I am reasonably certain that I will have no further need for electric bills from 1999 or auction receipts from 2004.  I also have a growing pile of boxes of things that I have priced and packed for Spring sales at the Wright Co. Swappers Meet.  I have found many books, atlases and thousands of photos and postcards.

The pile of boxes ready for the Meet on April 1st.

The view into a box.

    I have found a number of interesting thing to sell and I have cleared office and closet space.  I still have many more days to process the inventory in my house.

One of 12-13 display cases with WWII military patches.

Framed Sleepy Eye Flour sign.

Travel agency advertisement for
Swedish-American Lines.

Judd cast iron mechanical bank.

    My favorite find is this 1889 pennant for the Waconia Blues town baseball team.  I knew that I had it, but I have been looking for it for more than 5 years.  Today it appeared in a box of obsolete Soviet naval flags that I bought at the Moscow flea market in 2001.

    The search continues and I hope to find more interesting items (and some more empty floor space).

Mr. Flannery

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