Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the Not So Scary Sailor

He is shorter and a lot less threatening looking.

The Two Visitors in My House

I have two visitors taking up space in my house. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of my eye and jump because there is someone in the house. I am now doing some research on these guys. I am pretty sure that they are real and that thy are old. Oh my!   Here are photos of the lady:

Monday, July 2, 2012

July is Hot at Second Hand Rose

It was HOT setting up my space at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. Our four day per month occassional sale starts on July 5th so its time for me to get everything together.  I had a real mish-mash or good junk this time so it was hard to come up with a coherent theme, therefore I went with an incoherent theme.  The connector is that I like most everything in my space and would use it in my house.  Therefore the incoherent theme is directly connected to my incoherent mind.

A scale basket full of horse show ribbons, someone can claim 1st place.
Looking to the east under the ribbons is a great old tool chest sitting atop a wonderful heavy workbench.
A turquoise chippy paint bed sits next to a wonderful carved post from a design firm bankruptcy auction.
A better view of the tool chest with orangish alligatored vanish finsh and brass screws in the lid in the shape of two stars.
I really like this ceramic fish.
A little more formal than my industrial normal but the painting is chippy oil in a fabulous old gold frame (with battle scars).

The sale starts on Thursday and as soon as I have some space I have this wonderful 1904 mahogany dental cabinet to bring in.  It is one of the nicest dental pieces that I've seen.

Mr. Flannery