Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buck is Waiting at Second Hand Rose

I spent most of the day at Second Hand Rose getting ready for the April sale.  I cleaned, even taking a few pieces to the self service car wash for a good pressure wash.  I have bucket, tubs, benches and other outside stuff in addition to the piles of good junk inside the shop.  I'll have to spend a couple hours at the shop tomorrow to finish up and get everything priced.
 I have an honest to God colorful vignette in my space this month.  Turquoise barn door to teal console table all coordinated with a very fancy wall sconce and a chippy blue paint stool.

 For the fifth sale in a row I have animal parts again this month.

 A great seed company advertising panel with irises.

 World Geography and box of old photos.

 My favorite piece, a metal 3 section barrister bookcase.

 The 1950's steel desk with 2 little drawers and a chippy paint top.

 A tramp art jewelry box in original silver paint.

 Silver plate and a red poultry shed hanging lamp.

 Huge and heavy silver plate on copper serving tray.

 Great Gilbert clock and a ceiling lamp.

Buck says see ya at Second Hand Rose.
Mr. Flannery

Friday, March 29, 2013

More Junk for the Shops

We went picking on Tuesday and I bought this green legged table out of the implement dealership in Carlos.  It was frozen to the floor in the abandoned back building.  It was also covered with a terrible piece of linoleum.  I pulled the linoleum and sanded the mastic off of the oak top.
 After the linoleum removal but before sanding.

 It was even warm enough to stain
the top outside on the driveway.  The coat
of poly waited for inside at SHR.

 Before and after a good sanding on a metal
stool with lots of chippy paint.

 And another sanded stool.

I took the desk and the stools into SHR this evening to haul them before the predicted thunderstorms hit.  I will then spend Saturday and Sunday, if needed, finishing my space for the April sale.

Mr. Flannery

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Worked Outside Today

It was 32* and marginally sunny here on the tundra today.  I got outside and worked on my first junking project of the year.  It was warm enough to use the electric sander, but way too cold to add the poly.  I'll bring the desk into SHR to warm up and add the sealer later today.
 This is a fine little metal desk with two drawers.
 The desk was covered with grease which
may have protected it from more rust.

 Babe was helping as usual.

I have other materials that I have gathered over the winter waiting for a real entrance of Spring.  But it was good to get outside for a couple of hours today.

Mr. Flannery

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring? At Second Hand Rose

I spent the weekend getting my space at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo set up for the March four day sale.  I have a number of real antiques this month and everything appears to be from the HEAVY side of the spectrum.

 This antique desk is from about 1830 and at
180 y.o. is a very true ANTIQUE.

 I have always liked the folk art quality of these Mexican  pottery pieces from the 1930's and 1940's.  The blue pot above is decorated with very stylized snails and other sea creatures.

And this may well be a Chevrolet snail fossil.

Mr. Flannery