Wednesday, February 19, 2020

X-ray to TV Stand

   I have been contemplating a number of projects for the upcoming show season.  The snow on the tundra is still more than a foot deep, but cabin fever is starting to grip my psyche.  I was thumbing through the internet and found this photo of an old platform grain scale turned into a TV stand.

  This hatched an idea.  I have a 1920's dental X-ray machine with the tube mounted on a cast iron articulating arm.  The arm extends, spins and at the tube mount tilts.

   The arm is mounted on the right bottom corner of this photo and then folded and bungeed around itself.  The X-ray head, on the left side of the photo, will be dismounted at the pivot.  I think that I can modify a TV wall mount to fit the pivot.  I will then mount the arm on a heavy cart, table or fixed spot.  I think it will give a very industrial look.

   Another idea is to gut the tube area and convert the arm to a desk lamp.  I have a cast metal lamp fixture with a 6" x 4" rectangular lens.  I can fit that on the arm and create a desk lamp that would operate kinda like a doctor's exam light.

   Either way it will be a contest to see if I can bring my thoughts to fruition.  Its only the middle of February and I already have Spring fever.

Mr. Flannery

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Two of the Coolest Items I Have

I bought 2 of these hammered copper building decoration at a local on-line auction.  They are 120-130 years old, 51" wide, 4 inches deep and 27" tall.  They were originally from the St. Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota.  I am trying to decide whether to keep them or sell.

Mr. Flannery

The Heavier the Better

I thought that I'd give the old blog another spin around the net.  Mr. Flannery, your correspondent, has sorta migrated to Facebook, but I think I like the old blog format better.

I have retired selling at any of the shops.  After more than 30 years, I decided that I didn't need that concentrated work anymore.  I have retreated to selling at a show or two and at the Wright County Swappers Meet (aka the Annandale Flea).  The flea is seasonal, only on Saturdays (except for the 3 summer holiday weekends), well trafficked and only 3-4 miles from my house.  I figure that once I make the minimal rent I am already up a couple hundred bucks because I didn't go to an auction on that Saturday.

I participated in a local online auction this week.  They were selling some of the fixtures from the old butcher shop.  I spent a little money and ended up buying some very heavy items.

Monday, September 26, 2016

This Time They are Auctioning My Stuff

It is happening.  Instead of buying at auction, an activity that I have enjoyed for more than 40 years, I am going to SELL at auction.  The auction is next Sunday, October 2nd at Noon in Fairhaven, Minnesota.

I have rented a 40' by 25' large garage for storage for many years.  My landlord has now sold the home site and garage and the new owners want to use the garage rather than receive my rent payments.  I have until October 12th to empty the building.

My first instinct was to move my stuff elsewhere.  I have now accepted that that is an unachievable task.  The panic was setting in.  How am I going to move this mountain of junk in 2 weeks.  Luckily I was able to persuade a local auctioneer, Derek Lundeen, to take this auction on very short notice.

I have been unpacking, sorting and throwing for the past week.  I have suffered a junkalanche or two.  My feet and back are stiff and tired.  I am too old to deal with this hoard.  Now it will be auctioned, after the crew sets it up, and hopefully all of the junk will depart.

This photo gives you a glimpse of what I faced when I peared into the big building.

There is a lot of "in the rough" and antique furniture.

A couple of horizontal file cabinets.

Lots of drawers.
I hope everything sells.  I especially hope that it doesn't rain next Sunday.  I haven't attended an auction this month and it looks like my selling auction will be the next one that I make it to.

Mr. Flannery

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I am ready SO early.

We had a special sale for a bus load of women on a ladies' weekend adventure.  This meant that we had to have our spaces ready more than a week early from the normal monthly market at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota.  I am almost never ready early and often am the last one setting up on the Sunday evening before the normal event.  I have been bringing items in since the last sale.  I brought a load from my soon to be abandoned storage building on Friday and finshed my set up by 10 PM.   And I wasn't the last dealer to complete my set up.

I will probably bring in a few more items and maybe do a little bit of rearranging, but I am now ready for the October market.

The north wall of my space.

A piece of church fretwork, lantern, arts and crafts umbrella stand, silverplate tray and knick-knack shelf, just sort of stacked together.

Silverplate tray sits on the umbrella stand making a small table.

1907 3-D (high relief) Atlas School Map of Africa.  Decorative wood fragments sit on a table in front.

1907 map of South America.

The pile on the east wall.  The table is a narrow drop leaf with only one leaf and a small drawer in the end.

Appears to be a heavy antique vest from India.

Tamborines, 3 vintage Franch berets, a marjong set.

Rolled up antique runner, Doctor's bag and big bucket.

Fancy wood finial

Mid-Century Modern double desk lamp.

Ten Girls by Dickens

Early Minnesota Stories

The west wall.  The table is a vintage small harvest table that will make a great sofa table or TV stand.

And it's orange.

Vintage stained glass window

1920's woman's coat.  Seal with minl collar and wonderful blue and gold liner.

Hardware carrier

Tall Mid Century Modern Italian art glass lamp.

I like the variety of items that I have this month.  Let's hope that the buyers feel the same way.

Mr. Flannery

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Weathered Fence Post is My Favorite Piece

   Well I did get everything, almost, into Second Hand Rose, for the September market that begins on September 1st.  It was hot, it rained a lot and as usual the furniture that I was dancing with was heavy.  My camera was uncharged so I "borrowed" these photos from Amy Johnson.

The west wall.  The small arts & crafts bookcase on the left is nice.  The copper, horse decorated lamp atop the bookcase has a vintage milk can strainer shade.   The blue background print on the wall is a coat of arms and very attractive.

The north wall.  The pillars are great, but the old weathered rail fence post in the center is my favoritest piece.  There are some really cool items in this photo.  On the very outside edges are chestnut bed rails from a rope bed.  They have threaded ends and knobs for looping the rope.  Next to the rails and across the top are three pieces of 1950's decorative gingerbread from a 1952 house in Willmar, MN.

Mid-century modern chair with a great wrought iron lamp with strainer shade on the table next to the chair.

Black (ebonized) Victorian chairs circa 1875.

 The little hat boxes in front of the horse lamp each contain a miniture cowboy hat. 

   I have two ash slab tables with poly drying ready to add to the mix.

Mr. Flannery

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A coffee table that I repurposed at Second Hand Rose this month.

   Its time for the monthly four day market at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota again next weekend.  It was hot and humid today getting my pieces into place on Sunday.  There's a new wrinkle for this market too.  I actually assembled a repurposed piece of furniture from items that I have gathered over the past few months.

This is my new old piece.  A great coffee table assembled from a milled ash slab and an old cast iron sewing machine base.

The base is shorter that most old sewing machines and when attached to the ash slab it stands at a perfect coffee table height.

The base is very attractive.
    The rest of my set up involves 4 very large white chippy paint porch posts.  I measured one while it was laying in the truck.  It was going to fit by about one inch.  I hoisted the 100 pound monster into the shop and gingerly slid it into place with about an inch to spare.  I hauled the other three posts into the shop and then tried to set them up.  It seems that the other three posts are about 4 inches taller than the post that I measured and barely fit.  I think that Mr. Murphy was overseeing this entire transaction.  The posts would not fit.  So instead of standing stately on each side of my center vignette, I had to stack them at an angle forming a V on the back wall of my space.

A very nice small walnut desk just in time for back to school.

The blue pieces are livestock feeders that have a bracket to hang on a fence.  They will make great flower pot holders on a porch or a deck.

The 1950's wire rescue basket has been hung upside down from the ceiling showing how it would work as a light fixture and pot holder over a center island.

Great oak North wind face pressed chair hanging above the desk.
  It's going to be a great market in Buffalo this month.

Mr. Flannery