Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Weathered Fence Post is My Favorite Piece

   Well I did get everything, almost, into Second Hand Rose, for the September market that begins on September 1st.  It was hot, it rained a lot and as usual the furniture that I was dancing with was heavy.  My camera was uncharged so I "borrowed" these photos from Amy Johnson.

The west wall.  The small arts & crafts bookcase on the left is nice.  The copper, horse decorated lamp atop the bookcase has a vintage milk can strainer shade.   The blue background print on the wall is a coat of arms and very attractive.

The north wall.  The pillars are great, but the old weathered rail fence post in the center is my favoritest piece.  There are some really cool items in this photo.  On the very outside edges are chestnut bed rails from a rope bed.  They have threaded ends and knobs for looping the rope.  Next to the rails and across the top are three pieces of 1950's decorative gingerbread from a 1952 house in Willmar, MN.

Mid-century modern chair with a great wrought iron lamp with strainer shade on the table next to the chair.

Black (ebonized) Victorian chairs circa 1875.

 The little hat boxes in front of the horse lamp each contain a miniture cowboy hat. 

   I have two ash slab tables with poly drying ready to add to the mix.

Mr. Flannery