Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marathon Dancing

I went to an auction Wednesday just a few miles north of the Flannery Compound. Nothing terribly interesting, except I ended up renting the large truck garage for storage. Currently I have stuff stashed in all sorts of buildings, tents, basements, under tarps and of course filling my garage. The building is a newer steel garage with cement floor and good dry roof. I will be paying less for this storage than I am currently and there is a good chance that I may actually regain access to my garage.

Soon the dancing will start. I must empty each of my stashes, sort the junk and then dance the keepers into the new building. There are cupboards, and buffets and store counters and piles of smalls to be moved. It will be a marathon dance.

More soon, Mr. Flannery

Monday, July 27, 2009

Warp 2 to Wahpeton

I made a spur of the moment decision to attend an auction in Wahpeton yesterday. I didn't decide to go until after 10 AM, with a 1:00 PM start for the extravaganza. I showered, emptied my truck and filled its tank, departing the local gas station at 10:46 AM.

Now Wahpeton is beyond the edge of the world, through Fergus Falls, over the Otter Tail River and due west 'til morning. 162 miles into one of the flattest places on Earth, the verdant archaic bed of Glacial Lake Agassiz on the North Dakota side of the Red River of the North.

I made Wahpeton by 1:15 and the auction site by 1:25. It was a very speedy trip at Warp 2 in my GMC pick-up. And it didn't really matter. They had five large trailers of Haegar and Floraline pots, limited addition plates and other bric-a-brac to sell before the furniture. By the design of the sale, the pieces that I wanted were at the very end. I bought 6 of the last dozen items sold.

Unlike Kris and my foray into the windmill lands of South Dakota a year ago, I did very well. I filled the truck with bunches of furniture. And I would have bid on more if I had had my trailer with me for the haul.

I bought 3 dressers, a Duncan Phyffe sleigh bed, a huge Danish modern drop leaf walnut table, an upholstered chair, fancy mirror and small stands. I then hired two the local high school footballers who worked for the auctioneer to assist in loading the truck. Then it was back to St. Cloud with all the treasures.

The truck, with protruding surfaces of sideboards assisting its already sluggish aerodynamics, plowed through the swarms of mosquitoes and other bugs, adding an interesting new patina to the vintage furniture. I am not sure that swamp and lake mosquito carci will ever reach the status that certain Indian dung beetles have as part of shellac.

I brought the load right to Gypsy Lea's, Mike, Kris and Jami all assisted in the unloading. It was a very good day for a jaunt to the Dakotas.

More on Mr Flannery's Dancing with Furniture, the shops in Sauk Rapids and Maple Lake and life in general, will be posted soon.

Mr. Flannery