Monday, September 29, 2014

More Treats than Tricks at Second Hand Rose

Well its occasional sale time in Buffalo, Minnesota.  I completed my monthly task of getting my  ten pounds of  hogs into my five pound space.  I took a different tack this time and I have upholstered pieces and lots of color.

 Starting on the East side of my space with an antique washbowl stand on top of a small size buffet.

 A small yellow settee sits on a big orange coffee table and next to antique oak center table that was painted a fashionable green 75 years ago.  The oil painting over the table adds chunks of color.

George sits above a pair of Victorian Eastlake upholstered chair that are on a giant library table with two huge drawers.

 Under the library table is an antique oak console table that has been reduced to coffee table height and a colorfully striped stool.

 Another green painted antique table, coffee table and airplane prop.

 A great big nut is in the center of the stretcher, with tons of framed items to sort through.

The chart is a colorful periodic table of elements printed on metal.

 The panoramic view of my space.

Here hoping for a good sale.  With our four days per month sales format we have only a small window to make our sales work.

Mr. Flannery

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Heaviest Thing That Isn't a Tractor

My penchant for attending an auction and buying the heaviest thing that isn't a tractor has been transferred to the online auction world.  I bought this fabulous 3 drawer library table online tonight.  It is massive, approximately 7 feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide with five massive fluted legs.  I have to pick it up and haul it home in the next couple of days.

Mr. Flannery

Update: I picked it up at the online auction site yesterday. It is BIGGER than I thought. It is 8 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. It is solid mahogany and each of the 5 legs must weigh 30 pounds. It would not fit through the doorways assembled, so I had to take it apart. That's OK because the auction people will not help you load and I was by myself. After a great deal of huffing and puffing and restings and sitting I got the pieces into my truck. This process finalize my plans for the piece.

It was going to rain and I could not unload this beast into my house by myself. I called Jami at Gypsy Lea's and asked her if she could take it at her shop. That worked, so I headed to Sauk Rapids. Luckily it was a one doorway path to installation and Jami really helped a lot with the lifting and tugging. It looks great but I have some cleaning and polishing to do before it will be ready for sale.

Now that the truck was empty - I headed for an auction. Oh my!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2014 at Second Hand Rose

Well its that time again.  The monthly sale at Second Hand Rose starts on Thursday, September 4th.  I have my space finished and ready for the hordes of customers that we hope will decend on the shop.

This is a shot of my entire space from across the aisle.

I like the classroom print of George and the school band gong stand.  They are sitting atop and next to 3 different coffee tables.

Two 1880's Victorian chairs are levitated above the tables.

A great Victorian gable end piece of fretwork seems to have the profile of a stealth bomber.

A handpainted Federalist America fireplace screen.

The screen sits on an elegant 1948 Zenith radio/phonograph.

A copper plated pot rack hangs infront of a nice kitchen cupboard with its original shelf paper.

The big primitive orange painted table is on the bottom.

A metal rolling medical/dental cabinet with a stainless steel top has a chrome plated snare drum used as a centerplace bowl  on it.

A green chippy painted scaffold stand (looks like a ladder) is behind a small oak lecturn.

The blue painted cubby with drawers sits on a rolling restaurant stainless steel cart.  There is a green painted metal tool box with a wood fitted interior on the lower shelf of the cart.

Its going to be another good sale at SHR and I will be working on Sunday.

Mr. Flannery