Monday, November 3, 2014

Its 4 Days in November at Second Hand Rose

Our monthly 4 day event at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota will start next Thursday.  As is my wont I finished getting my space filled and all the exceptional junk priced today at the last possible minute.  I have my usual eclectic mish-mash of real antiques, homemade lamps and quirky "where and why" pieces.  A few photos of my space panning from east to west follow.

On the eastern edge is the curved galvanized metal cover from a large hog feeder, with skis, oak buffet parts and a rusty barbwire wreath.  Two big hanks of rope are at its feet.

The back wall include a homemade, folk art style, cupboard, and Al Mohler painting, 1940's duck prints and my homemade industrial style lamp on a small table.

A super 1914 plat map for an area on North Minneapolis sits next to an orange metal parts bin.

1930's Santa sits on a handpainted abstract table.  The metal tower is encircled with twinkle lights (and creating the white spots reflected on George.

 Lots of tables on tables and stools next to stools.  The rug is a 1930's Persian with wonderful rich colors.

This should be another great sale.  The rest of the shop looks fabulous and in Roses tradition, very color coordinated and Christmasy.

Mr. Flannery