Wednesday, February 19, 2020

X-ray to TV Stand

   I have been contemplating a number of projects for the upcoming show season.  The snow on the tundra is still more than a foot deep, but cabin fever is starting to grip my psyche.  I was thumbing through the internet and found this photo of an old platform grain scale turned into a TV stand.

  This hatched an idea.  I have a 1920's dental X-ray machine with the tube mounted on a cast iron articulating arm.  The arm extends, spins and at the tube mount tilts.

   The arm is mounted on the right bottom corner of this photo and then folded and bungeed around itself.  The X-ray head, on the left side of the photo, will be dismounted at the pivot.  I think that I can modify a TV wall mount to fit the pivot.  I will then mount the arm on a heavy cart, table or fixed spot.  I think it will give a very industrial look.

   Another idea is to gut the tube area and convert the arm to a desk lamp.  I have a cast metal lamp fixture with a 6" x 4" rectangular lens.  I can fit that on the arm and create a desk lamp that would operate kinda like a doctor's exam light.

   Either way it will be a contest to see if I can bring my thoughts to fruition.  Its only the middle of February and I already have Spring fever.

Mr. Flannery