Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready for Second Hand Rose in September

I have my space ready for the September sale at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. Unlike the blending that we do at Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids, I have an assigned space here. I have sole responsibility to fill my space with my items. The good weather has made that task easier because I've been able to work on projects on my driveway. My space is filled with primitive and industrial style items that may be a little different than the bulk of Second Hand Roses normal inventory. Its like an entire Hog pen full of stuff placed in a field of roses.

I still really like this center island. I made it from a vintage hardwood and metal pallet (not a stapled scrap wood piece that they use for pallets now). The base is a restaurant grade Metro style wire shelf unit on proper casters. (The damn thing is strong enough for me to stand on it. A fact that was ascertained when I was putting a hanging light above it).

This is the top of a beautiful floor torchiere that I purchased from a funeral home auction.

Someone really should need this fancy drum set.

The keyboard from the pump organ is hung over the doorway above the White Seal Beer sign and the City Limit sign.

The top doesn't quite fit the base on this cake plate.

A perfectly shabby chandelier.

Teachers prep books from 193o sit on the old work bench under a really heavy and ornate mirror.

One of my favorite pieces. A porcelain advertising comb sterilizer from an old barber or beauty shop.

Two church flower urns filled with organ stops.

White Seal Beer - Little Falls Minnesota aluminum sign.

My fish trap hanging lamps.

The maple top work bench will make a great counter or center island.

Mr. Flannery

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its Hard to Imagine - I Finished Two Projects

Its hard to believe but I actually have completed two of the projects that I was going to get right to 3-4 months ago. The first is making hanging pendant lights from these Rocket Automatic Fish Scalers. The second is a work bench that is now a counter/center island.

I really like the shadows that these lamps cast.

This maple butcher block top counter/island/bench was poorly covered with a 1/4 inch thick coating of poly. It was globbed on so thick that there were poly icicles growing from the bottom edge of the counter.

This is a "during" photo after I had sanded off the awful poly.

Both pieces are going to be in Second Hand Rose for the September sale.

Mr. Flannery

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Organ Transplant

I bought a nice working turn of the century (that would be the 19th to 20th century turn, not the more recent turn that is now associated with true Chinese "antiques") pump organ. It was very nice looking. It would be a shame to ruin the organ so I put it into Gypsy Lea's at a very low price. It would not sell, even with two attempts and an even lower price.

SO!!! I decided that an organ transpant was necessary. Unfortunately the patient didn't make it. I parted it out and will be selling the pieces. (Isn't that the plot for some spy novel?) The keyboard and some of the fancy wood pieces are headed for the shop. The remainder of good American manufacturing from a by-gone era will be headed to the dump.

Mr. Flannery

Saturday, August 13, 2011

T-Shirt of the Week

A woman was seen with the following emblazoned on her tee shirt:

the opposite of

Mr. Flannery

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its the 2nd Thursday - Big Sale Week at Gypsy Lea's

Its the second Thursday of the month, so the occassional sale at Gypsy Lea's starts today. The shop looks great. Kris and Gypsy really outdid themselves this month. The set-up, which unlike a traditional multi-dealer operation, spreads out all the merchandice from all the dealers through-out the shop, is fabulous. There is a lot of unique furniture made with recycled materials by three excellent craftsmen. There are lots of antiques, uniques and just plain interesting items in most price ranges. We're open from Thursday through Sunday. We will be restocking and filling spaces every day. Stop by for the perfect piece for your home or office or wherever unique and wonderful is appreciated.

Mr. Flannery