Sunday, April 27, 2014

Leaping into May at Second Hand Rose

Its time to set up for the May 4 day market at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota.  As usual I was finishing my set up on Sunday night and was working at the shop all by myself.  Well I tried to step from the ladder to a table so I could adjust a spot light.  I missed the table!  I fell onto an industrial table, a chair and finally the floor.  I scared the crap out of myself.  It had happened in slow motion.  I was falling, it was going to hurt and I could not alter my downward course.  It didn't hurt too much, nothing seemed to break so I laid on the floor contemplating what to do next.  I got up, I walked around a little and then I slumped into a chair.  I am all right.  I decided that I was finished with setting up.  And I am now starting to stiffen up as I watch TV.

My sales were not very good last month.  So I blew out my space, hauled out a trailer full of stuff and decided to start over.  I think that the space looks interesting, but I have a couple of pieces of furniture to add as soon as the torrential downpours stop and I can bring the pieces in without water damage.

 My favorite piece in a long time is the canvas painting of the burning bush from about 1890.  It adds a ton of color to my space.
 I have a spotlight mounted on a wood tripod illuminating the corner in front of one of the French door that I hung about 2 feet off the floor.
 The back wall includes a great industrial table with steel Queen Anne style legs.  The chalk board is a green coated 1/2 inch thick slab of slate from the Oliver Mines on Minnesota's Iron Range.  Next to it is a 105 year old umbrella stand in Moss Aztec glaze from Peters and Reed Pottery in South Zanesville, Ohio.
 I like the juxtaposition of the formal shaped legs and the industrial materials.
 There are two expanded mesh lockers in a cool turquoise flanking a great 6 shelf rolling rack.
 Another of my lamp projects.  This is an old electric heater (nee fire starter) that I converted into a table or wall lamp.
 The copper and rusted reflector adds a neat look to the lamp.
 I have about 10 of these brackets/hangers made from old horseshoes.
 The impressionist paint has a nice ambience to it.
And I have this crown shaped topper on a stand.  It appears to be old, but no one has come up with what it was used for.

Mr. Flannery