Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Second Hand Rose, Black Friday and a Schuffle Across the Aisle

I'm ready for the December sale but it was a struggle this month.  The time between the November sale and the December sale was the shortest it can be.  Then it was decided that we should be open on Black Friday which shortened the set up time by another 5 days.  And I moved this month, a short schuffle across the aisle, but the entire November had to be disassembled and reset.  I was at the shop getting set up until 8:30 PM on Thanksgiving, but I was ready for the Black Friday sales.  Since then I've added a few pieces and reset a few pieces and hauled a few pieces for outside the shop.
 This is a cool 100 y.o. homemade ladder.  I wouldn't crawl up on it, but it will make a great decorating piece leaning on a wall or suspended from the ceiling.

 I really like this sleigh bed, it will make a cool Christmas tree stand.  (Kris did point out that the two curved uprights in the front look like cobras).

 Two of the school locker units made it to Buffalo.  This on is outside and has great festive holiday color.

 The buffalo and deer mounts are on top of pieces of old tin siding.

 Chilly Willy sits between two homemade Christmas candles from 1947.  They are all atop an antique desk that has been cut down to coffee table height.

 The other locker unit sits on the border with the next space.

 Nice stained glass window also hangs above the line.

 The coat is Labrador seal.  I tried to convince Babe that this is what happens to naughty Labradors, but he knew that he isn't a seal.

 The State had 100's of these signs made for the old rural burning permit program.

 A very weird box covered with a 1938 license plate.

 Gooseneck soup.

 The best stove topper that I've ever owned.

 School map of the World circa 1964.

 The red sign on its side is the tail of an old battery charging windmill.

The stop arm from a school bus.

Mr. Flannery