Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marathon Dancing

I went to an auction Wednesday just a few miles north of the Flannery Compound. Nothing terribly interesting, except I ended up renting the large truck garage for storage. Currently I have stuff stashed in all sorts of buildings, tents, basements, under tarps and of course filling my garage. The building is a newer steel garage with cement floor and good dry roof. I will be paying less for this storage than I am currently and there is a good chance that I may actually regain access to my garage.

Soon the dancing will start. I must empty each of my stashes, sort the junk and then dance the keepers into the new building. There are cupboards, and buffets and store counters and piles of smalls to be moved. It will be a marathon dance.

More soon, Mr. Flannery

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mr. Flannery!
Good to see you blogging again! I would love to "assist" in the "sorting of the stash"! Let me know when this begins! JL