Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Auction was HEAVY.

I attended an interesting auction yesterday. It was a design and furniture studio that was going out of business. The offices were an old auto parts building that had been remodeled into a great design studio. I think that the building would make a great one storey urban loft space. I could live there easily, but Babe would be bummed.

There was a ton of merchandise. Much of it "Turn of the Century Indonesian", that's turn-of-the-century as in 1999-2001. Lots of leather and wood and carving, but there were some old pieces and rusty pieces too.

I actually arrived at the auction before it started. (That is a very unusual happenstance for me). Of course my personal valet parking was available. (Mike and I have an ongoing discussion of this skill. I almost always park very near the auction site, even with my late arrival. I tell Mike that I used the valet parking). Today a car pulled out from a space 30 feet from the door just as I pulled up. Voila, valet parking.

There were a lot of people there and many dealers and friends. Gypsy from Gypsy Lea's was there and so was Diana from Maple Lake Antiques. (The two shops that I sell at.) But there was so much available, we didn't even come close to stepping on each other's bids.

The snow had melted enough from the south facing facade that there was even merchandise on the sidewalk. I bought the light colored leather ottoman between the chairs.

Gypsy bought this carved amoire.

I thought this carved canoe was cheap, it sold for $400 (not to me). I like the tiled bar it was sitting on, but that was a fixture and not for sale.

I did buy this 6' diameter table. It is going into my house for now.

Diana bought this old two sided sign.

There was even more cast iron outside. I ended up buying 19 cast iron panels, including 11 4'x 4' green chippy painted matching fence panels. They are going to be great for a display outside Gypsy Lea's and for somebody's garden this Spring.

These brightly painted columns are over 9 feet tall. I bought them and they are already at Gypsy's.

Gypsy bought this chandelier. We are thinking that it will look great hanging between the columns.

I was the under bidder on this gigantic bed. It sold for $880.

All in all it was a fun auction. The theme "HEAVY". Heavy wood, heavy furniture and very heavy iron.

Mr. Flannery

Update: While I was at this auction I was also bidding at another. I left an absentee bid on some locker units at Dave Miller's. I won these three units.


SecondhandKris said...

Cool stuff - I LOVE the columns! Can't wait to see all of your treasures!!

ann at greenoak said...

what fun.... that wood indonesian stuff split for us...
. love the iron and the lockers....and so much else...

Jill said...

I'm having auction envy. Good grief that's great stuff!

red.neck chic said...

I don't even know where to begin! LOL I am in absolute and total lust over the lockers (you already knew that though didn't you. LOL) and the leather ottoman... *drool/sigh*. And the table? I see it as a potential hurtle... that would just be way fun to jump up and slide across. hahahahaha

ALL of it is so wonderful!!! How's your back today after unloading?

;-) robelyn

Mr. Flannery said...

RNC - Unloaded 1/2 the iron on Sunday. Then went back to the auction site today and loaded the other 1/2 of the iron into the trailer. I'm going to leave it on the trailer until we are ready for it at Gypsy's. I got a fabulous deal on the table. I made the only bid. The top is warped a bit, but I'll get that back in place by having it in proper humidity and then gluing and screwing the hell out of it.

Caroline said...

Wow, a lot of really neat items! I absolutely love the chandelier and armoire..and the giant bed for that matter. Ok, I like it all. Great finds!

Jaybird said...

Whoa Mr. F, you've been a busy fellow!! I LOL at the turn of the century Indonesian stuff!!
Looks like you got a bunch of great junque! Good luck with the sales.
You need to come to our 50 mile garage sale in April...the change of scenery would do you good :^) RNC and her step father are going to be could bring a trailer load and join the fun!!