Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Industrial Light

Its been a hell of a month here on the tundra. I am fighting with my home owners insurance coverage about the flooded basement. And it took them 7 weeks to adjust the basement (they won't pay) and the garage (they will pay). Now I get to pursue them through arbitration.

My real work has been picking up too. I have been on the road and working more days than usual.

I have a couple of projects going for the October sales. I bought 6 of these industrial lights at an auction a couple of weeks ago. I am building a double light drop out of electrical and plumbing parts. And 2 of the lights will be a single drop light.

The lights are not completed, the bar will sit higher above the fixures, but the photo gives a good hint at what they will ultimately look like.

I had to buy many of the parts new at the hardware store. I almost died at the cost of the pieces. So the last two auctions I attended I went through all the basement and garage boxes looking for electrical and plumbing parts. So far I have 3-4 rolls of wire (at about 2% of current retail) and some fittings. I hope that the next lights will have more recycled (and cheaper) parts and fewer new parts bought at retail.

Mr. Flannery

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