Monday, March 3, 2014

Hogs at Second Hand Rose for March 2014

  There is a whole herd of hogs lose at Second Hand Rose's for the March sale.  I finished up with a little cleaning and pricing today after working after 9 PM yesterday getting everything into place.  I like a lot of the pieces that I herded into the shop for the March sale.

 The homemade antique ladder rests against
two old desks repurposed into coffee tables.

 A great church stained glass panel rests atop
a Victorian cast metal faux bamboo hall tree.

 The Twin City Seed Separator has a glass top
so it can serve as a console or hall table.

 Art Deco walnut veneer buffet with a nice
industrial stool in front.

 A small four drawer parts cubby sits on top
of a great desk.  The desk top folds out with
two pieces making a 66" top.  Big enough to serve
as a dining room table.

 One of the expanding leaves on the
desk sits as a drop leaf off the back
of the desk when not in use.

 The ornament from the center of a neat automobile grille.

Two industrial Lobay Co. lights from the
Lutheran church gymnasium and a hand
made copper and forged iron hanging light.

It is going to be a good sale this month, our first of the year with temperatures above zero, and there is a lot of good junk to pick from.

Mr. Flannery

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