Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Are 15 Chairs Enough to Start a Sale?

So we went picking in Northern Minnesota yesterday.  It was a tough grind.  We found some stuff but it was a lot of sorting through piles and stacks to find nothing too special.  I was dirty, dusty, bloody and sore by the time we were finished.  We got chairs and truck parts and iron things of unknown origin.  Everything is saleable but nothing was special enough for me to want to keep it for my use.

We arrived at a farm with a dozen old out buildings.  The owner was amenable and told us that just about everything was for sale.  So we started walking his farmsted.

 The buildings were full of stuff.  All the tractor tires that we could ever want.

 There were precarious attics and piles on the piles.

 A row of buildings on the left was mirrored by a row on the right.

 The buildings have been there for a while.

 The junk in the rows had been overgrown by bush and trees.  The steel rims will be sold as fire rings.

 I really liked this green wheel, but detaching it from the defunct equipment was way beyond my capacities.

We were able to load 15 chairs, the hood from an Allis Chalmers tractor and iron bed and other assorted pieces into my truck for the trip home.

I have to unload the truck today.  All the chairs etc will be assembled on the driveway and powerwashed.  They will then be ready for the trip to Brainerd for the Olde Depot Junktion show on Memorial Day weekend.  I will have a bunch of "in the rough" junk to sell.

Mr. Flannery

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