Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the Dance Goes On

One more day without rain (or snow). It threatened, but didn't start until after 4:00 PM. I spent most of the day listening to oldies on the radio and dancing with furniture. There is a 50+ foot hill behind my house. The house and main garage are on the bottom and the storage is at the top. I pulled my tiny trailer up the hill dozens of times loaded with furniture, doors and other debris. My good buddy, Babe, had to run full speed in front of each load up and back down the hill. He is now sleeping next to my chair doing an occasional jowl rattle as he sighs after his big day.

My burn pile (beyond the top of the hill) is nearly the size of a semi tractor trailer. It is loaded with my debris, a summer's worth of my neighbor and I playing lumberjack, the burnables from Kris and Mike and other sundry wooden objects. My fellow lumberjack wants to make sure that I don't burn the pile until he is available to watch. I will not ignite the pile until there is a coating of snow on the ground.

I am now 98% finished with my project, a couple of more clear hours later this week and I will be ready for the winter. I also located a number of interesting and hopefully valuable items amongst the debris that was in the storage. And now I have the weekend to get prepared for the next sale at Gypsy Lea's. Oh my!

Mr. Flannery

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I'll bring Smores!