Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shuffling the Inventory

Its almost past "that time of year" here on the tundra. The time to get everything ready for the Winter. I have been lax on my preparations, but I have also been rewarded with very untundra like weather. It has been 70* and sunny here the past few days. So I have been dancing with furniture.

I had to clear the projects from the driveway and place them in my covered storage area. Of course I had to reset and sort everything that was already in the storage space. I have been stacking things at the entrance and pulling things out randomly all Summer. So I spent much of yesterday just rearranging and trashing things in the storage already. Today I started hauling and stacking and dancing with all the wonderful junk that I had on my driveway.

I am hoping for one more day of good weather to get everything finalized before the snow. Damn I hate the weather here.

Mr. Flannery

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