Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big and Beautiful

We had a wonderful February sale at Gypsy Lea's. In keeping with my practice of buying the largest piece that isn't a tractor at each auction I attend, Jami and I bought this vestment cabinet at a salvage sale for the Archdiocese of St. Cloud. It is GIGANTIC, 15' wide, 9'3" tall and more than 4' deep.

The cabinet facing is all ash and the counter top is oak. We had to disassemble it, haul it out of the soon to be demolished Cathedral Annex, truck it to Gypsy Lea's, squeeze it through the 3 foot wide door and then reassemble it inside the shop. It looks fabulous, even though I spent 3-4 days putting the base back together. Then Mike and Steve, who had really helped a lot with the move, came back and helped me place the top on the base. We used nylon straps, 2 blocks and tackle and some ordinary lifting to raise the top high into the rafters and then slide the base under it.

The sale was fantastic. The cabinet sold in the first hour of the sale. It is going to be installed in an artist's studio now being built. We nearly sold out. We would have sold more furniture if we had it ready to go.

I'll try to get things posted here soon. Even though the change in investment values has forced me to spend more time in my real job.

Mr. Flannery


ann at greenoak said...

omg...its georgous.... dont ya love the big stuff!!! what a show stopper....
i wish i could come to your selling days.....

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mr. Flanery! Thank you for all the great pictures!

Marge said...

The cabinet is stunning! What an amazing find. Good to see you posting again.

Marge -- we met at Kari's barn sale last fall. Hope your winter has been more than just work, work, work at your real job!