Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Increase in Shabotage

The ice is off of Flannery Bay. Ice out is a significant event here on the tundra. It is the sure indication that Spring has arrived. The geese are on the water and Babe is very interested. The pair of loons on this bay are checking out the nesting area. I will probably be able to start some painting outside later this week.

The April sale at Gypsy Lea's was great. Our biggest problem is having enough inventory to meet all four days of demand. We did the set up and worked hard at getting everything in place. Kris and Gypsy spent much of the time rearranging and pulling some inventory out of our limited storage space. I am not complaining. Damn, sales being too good an oxymoron. But it does add pressure to get more inventory ready each month, which means more painting, sawing, auctions and shabotage.

Mr. Flannery


Anonymous said...

Woohoo....Mr. Flannery.... anxiously awaiting your next post. I love hearing about your great auction adventures and wonderful finds!! Hope you come back soon!

Debbie said...

I'm glad business is good for you. I've missed reading your posts...hope all is well. :)