Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paint it White?

I attended two auctions in the past 24 hours. Crap, crap and a few other crappy things. I even bought a pressed crap simulated wood mantle to paint white. I am going to paint a piece of 1980's pressed wood with a shabby white coat. I am sure that is one of the activities that I disparaged in my very first blog. The shabbies have got to me. It was one of the few things that I could buy for resale. I will spray the thing tomorrow and price it low at our April sale at Gypsy Lea's. We are going to do some more set up tomorrow. And while it is April, it is snowing here on the tundra. Oh my!

Mr. Flannery

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Debbie said...

.......if in doubt, paint it white! LOL I painted a pressed wood entertainment center from Walmart white awhile back and it looked great afterwards....much better than the original glued on wood paper did.

LTNS....hope all is well with you. :)