Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Found an Auction Today

I went to a Johnson Auction at Block's near Spicer today. It was very crowded when I got there and anything decent was going for more than retail. Now I attend a lot of Johnson's auctions, but he is slow. I was about an hour late, so I missed the first 15 items. The auction started at Noon and I left there all loaded at about 6:30 PM. It was still daylight when I got home, so that is a nice sign of Spring. I am ready for the outside auction season and the farm auctions to begin. Right now there are too few auctions and too many dealers hungry for merchandise to make the auctions a good place for me to shop.

I bought my usual eclectic range of items, some will be brought into Gypsy Lea's tomorrow, some will need a little work and a couple will go on eBay.

These are Doc Martens shoes, brand new and ready for eBay. They are a kind of combat sandals as best I can figure.

This is a little 1950's jewelry or make-up case.

I may have paid too much for this cast iron base scale, but it is pretty cool.

The two metal things are chimney sweep brushes. I think that I am going to make them into a couple of hanging light fixtures.

There were two of these lodge chairs that I liked a lot. They sold for $310 each which I think is more than I can retail them for. They did not come home with me, but another dealer, who must have a much richer clientele, bought them.

I got this oil on canvas for a good price.

And this corner cupboard is mine too.

I didn't buy this chair but I put the picture here to see if I could scare Gypsy thinking that I was going to bring it into the shop.

Mr. Flannery

UPDATE: The Doc Martens are size 8. I just put them at Gypsy Lea's on Monday morning.


Jami Lea said...

LOL! It worked :o)

red.neck chic said...

that chair would make the most AMAZING purse!!!

And yep - you got the description of the Doc Martin's just right! LOL

Great finds! ;-D