Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Going to Make Some Lights

I am really becoming enthralled with industrial design and making industrial pieces into lights. I have been buying a variety of strange metal type pieces with the plan to light them up. Last night I bought three candidates for the lightening treatment.

The fan looking copper plated item on the left is an old space heater. The wire heating element appears to screw into a light socket. I am hoping that just changing the element for an interesting looking bulb will make it into a nice accent lamp.

The middle piece is a unique minnow bucket. It will make a good lamp if I cut the bottom out of it. I will not do anything to it until I research the bucket. Some of that unique fishing stuff is too valuable to alter into lighting.
I also bought two of these Rock-it Automatic Fish Scalers. I already did the research and they are great lighting candidates. I have a string of Christmas lights with walleye pike shaped bulbs. I may just put it inside as a fishing decoration.

I bought 4 other lighting items last night. I have to pick them up on Monday. It will be an electrifying two weeks here on the tundra as I get things ready for the July sales.

Mr. Flannery


terry5732 said...

Show the hog

red.neck chic said...

you light up my life....


the minnow bucket is SO cool!!!!!

;-D robelyn