Thursday, June 9, 2011

June is Busting Out at Gypsy Lea's

The June sale at Gypsy Lea's starts today, Thursday, in Sauk Rapids. Gypsy, Katie, Kris and Kjell fought through a 12 hour day in 100* temperatures on Tuesday to get things ready. It looks great.

My second (and final unless I am invited back) appearance at Second Hand Rose was much more successful than my first. My June sales were about three times higher than May sales.

Yesterday I packed up my trailer with outside stuff and headed for Gypsy Lea's. We have the best and the most outside display that we've had in the 3+ years that we've been open.

The City redesigned (which is urban planner speak for f--d-up) the street in front of the shop. In addition to having the street and sole entrance closed for two+ months last summer, they eliminated two parking spaces, narrowed the sidewalk from 9 feet wide to 4 feet wide, installed huge metal street light bases in that 4 feet and put in an awful, street blocking peninsula. We lost most of our outside display area. Today we are claiming peninsular space to display some of our outside stuff.

Iron beds, metal chairs, warehouse carts turned into tables are some of the outside stuff that we have ready for sale.

I really like this chunk of steel. I have no firm information on what it was originally used for, but think that it may have been a finial on a coat rack and that it is displayed upside down in this photo.

Kris' bright green vinyl covered chair is both comfortable and very 50's.

Larry bought this cupboard as a wreck at a farm auction. He rebuilt and reglued it, added the vintage tin to the door panels and gave it a nice coat of paint.

Mr. Flannery

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Looks great ! You know I wonder about city "planners" they remind me a lot of the engineers for submarines. They really seem to have no clue.
We've been battling temps in the 100's too with no relief in sight.
May your sales continue to soar !