Wednesday, May 9, 2012

V-E Day and the Greatest Generation

     May 8, 1945 was V-E Day. The streets of London and New York and all the other cities of the allied world were filled with delirious citizens. "We Win!!" screamed a headline, and it was true we had won. The greatest generation had defeated the greatest threat to liberty and civilization that the world had ever known. Nazi Germany was in ashes and under the control of the allied powers. Hitler was dead, well on his way to eternal damnation and hellfire. Sure there were other issues to be faced; Japan fought on, the Soviets shackled Eastern Europe, but the great big threat, the object of Eisenhower's "Great Crusade", was beaten. The world was a much better place because We Won.

Rue Ste-Catherine in Montreal.
(CBC Photo/Montreal Herald)

    Sixty seven years later we must remember the great sacrifices and the great accomplishments of the generation raised during the great depression to be the Greatest Generation.

Mr. Flannery

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