Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Ready for June at Second Hand Rose Buffalo

I spent most of the day on Sunday at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. I was setting up my space for the 4 day June sale that starts on Thursday. And I was sufferring with my usual problem: stuffing 300 square feet of junk into my 78 square foot space. I have 2 large hardware store bins, a large work bench, an eight unit locker set and a warehouse cart. In addition I have an oak file cabinet and assorted smaller tables and chairs. I still have more smalls to smear over all these "not smalls".

This beautiful work bench would make a great kitchen sink or bathroom vanity counter.

There is an arts and crafts style filing cabinet sitting atop the work bench with the green lockers behind and the warehouse cart underneath.

Nice red utility lamp that we picked last week.

Great school hanging map case with all nine maps still intact.

The wooden head is more interesting than the almost new riding helemt.

Mr. Flannery

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