Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buck is Waiting at Second Hand Rose

I spent most of the day at Second Hand Rose getting ready for the April sale.  I cleaned, even taking a few pieces to the self service car wash for a good pressure wash.  I have bucket, tubs, benches and other outside stuff in addition to the piles of good junk inside the shop.  I'll have to spend a couple hours at the shop tomorrow to finish up and get everything priced.
 I have an honest to God colorful vignette in my space this month.  Turquoise barn door to teal console table all coordinated with a very fancy wall sconce and a chippy blue paint stool.

 For the fifth sale in a row I have animal parts again this month.

 A great seed company advertising panel with irises.

 World Geography and box of old photos.

 My favorite piece, a metal 3 section barrister bookcase.

 The 1950's steel desk with 2 little drawers and a chippy paint top.

 A tramp art jewelry box in original silver paint.

 Silver plate and a red poultry shed hanging lamp.

 Huge and heavy silver plate on copper serving tray.

 Great Gilbert clock and a ceiling lamp.

Buck says see ya at Second Hand Rose.
Mr. Flannery

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