Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 Phrases to Sum Up Life on the Tundra

I went picking today.  I left home at 5:00 AM to meet Chris in Brainerd by 7:00 AM.  As I was cruising up Highway 10 it dawned on me what was wrong with this entire scene.

1.  It is April 2nd.
2.  It is 7*.
3.  What the HELL?????!!!!!!

The entire state is in a funk caused by this dire state of affairs.  We tryed to pick, but no one is outside working.  We talked to a couple of people who were interested, but told us to come back when the weather was warmer.  We stopped, we yah-dahed, but we got nowhere.  So it was 3 PM and we had found nearly nothing.  We even stopped at the Wadena Auction house where a perusal of the junk revealed that the table filled with outdated bags of potato chips was the highlight.

Then we stopped a little antique shop.  It was interesting.  I found a couple of items, Chris found a couple items and then I bought a carrying case for a harp.  Its huge and antique and very cool.  It was shipping tags for places all over Europe.  It has a stenciled itinerary with lines like Antwerp 1893 and London 1904.  I am planning to make it into a coffee table.  It may be very cool.

Mr. Flannery

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