Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Olde Depot Junktion May 2013

I participated in my first real antiques and etc. indoor show over the Memorial Day weekend.  The show was in Brainerd, Minnesota at the old Northern Pacific RR shops.  The building was cavernous and the spaces were huge.  I brought a big load of junk on my open trailer and a full load of furniture in my enclosed trailer, plus three heaping loads in the box of my pick-up.  It took me 7 hours to set up my space.  It looked pretty good, but only about half the items were priced.  I spent the first couple of hours on Saturday morning quoting prices and slapping tags on my items.

The sale was very successful but unbelievably tiring.  My feet were sore and my back was even sorer.  The only saving grace was the Brainerd HS wrestling team.  Its members were there to haul and load furniture.  I hired four of them to load up my unsolds and get me out of town.  I was able to fit those unsolds into the enclosed trailer and the pick-up with the tonneau cover closed.

 My space was immediately to the left of the main entrance.

The cross planter was handmade by a blacksmith for his wife's grave.

 Baskets full of croquet pieces were on the corner of my space.

 This gigantic roll top desk with over cabinet sold on Sunday.

The work bench is one of my favorites.

 Three vintage grocery carts full of cast iron pieces and a large brass valve wheel.

 The large grocery store cabinet with the globes sold on Saturday.  The green ladder leaning on the cabinet was made by the same blacksmith who made the cross.

Large tool chest, vintage gym equipment and a small drafting table.

 This antique theater spotlight works with its 400 watt bulb.

 I think that these wooden wagon wheel hubs are very architectural.

 The freight elevator door worked well to hang many items (and it sold).

Plaster cast with bronze colored coat.  It didn't sell.

It was a lot of work, but I am ready to do this show again.  And my inventory list will be refined and updated base on our experience.

Mr. Flannery

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