Friday, September 13, 2013

Picking for the Fair Grounds Show

I am going to do the Antique Show at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand at the end of the month.  We have picked up our picking pace to make sure that we have lots of good stuff for the Antique Show at the end of September.  I have started to set things out for packing into my trailer.  Here are some items that should be making the trip.
 A great cast iron urn filled with shoe last parts.

 Cast metal pieces from an old National Cash
Register, wire locker baskets and a light
from an old snow plow.

Cut off cream can which will make a great urn
atop an IH tractor cowling.

This porcelain sign is from a 1950's Standard Oil service station.

Porcelain enamel light fixture.

Homemade Christmas candles from about 1948.

I have a pair of these shades.

New old stock chicken feeders.  I've never
seen them in anything other than
galvanized gray or rust.

NOS covered cans, I have six.

Three NOS shotgun milk cans.

8 NOS milk pails.

The old bell from outside of the Taconite, Minnesota elementary school.
I'm still cleaning and sorting so there will be many more items for the show.
Mr. Flannery

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