Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mostly Ready for the October Sale at Second Hand Rose

I have been putting off getting ready for the October 4 day sale at Second Hand Rose.  And at the same time I have been putting off getting ready for the State Fair Antiques Show this weekend.  Instead I have attended two auctions and went picking one day.  Well those chickens have now come home to roost and I have two days to get ready.  Today was SHR time.  Tomorrow is packing the trailer for the State Fair Show time.
 I sanded and painted and stained and poly'd
this work bench this morning.
I think that it looks great.
A "Pheasants Forever" live edge cribbage table.
This metal leg work table used to have
a furriers sewing machine attached.
Sanded. stained, poly'd top and the legs
were ground with a wire
brush and ploy'd.
Three 1960's glass and metal occasional tables.
A real antique kitchen cupboard.

Slab table with horse hame legs and
horseshoe feet.

I still have to smear the space with smalls and price most of the items but I am 80% ready for the October sale.

Mr. Flannery

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Olivia said...

I am like you I procrastinate til the last minute but then get the job done.
Looks like some nice stuff you will be selling. Hope the shows go well and the payoff is worth all the work. Of course you can never put a value on just having a good time and meeting new friends. Or for that matter seeing old friends.