Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Do Like the Swans

The weather's getting colder and many of the denizens of the Great White North are headed south for their winter vacation.  The lake that I live on is deep and usually remains open well into December.  This means that many of the birds headed south congregate on the lake.  My favorites are the swans.  They feed right off my shore and are probably less than 50 feet from my office.  Right now there are about 100 swans, hundreds of geese and ducks and a couple of Artic loons right outside my door.  The swans are fearless in their element.  Babe will charge to the shore barking.  The swans will slowly paddle another 2-3 into the lake and honk at Babe.  Babe, who has learned that trying to swim after them is a losing proposition, walks away and the swans paddle back the 2-3 feet that they given up.

The photo was taken from my office door.  Sunny, but cold here on the tundra.  And the swans are wonderful to watch.

Mr. Flannery

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