Sunday, November 3, 2013

The November Hog Pen at Second Hand Rose

It was a tough weekend for me.  I spent most of the day both Saturday and Sunday getting my space ready for the November 2013 sale at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota.  The other dealers have their spaces in their usual spectacular holiday order.  And as usual my space has the hogs lined up from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.  I have one of the most diverse presentations ever.  There is the strange, the unusual, the one of a kind and even a great big "what the hell is it".
I have 5 blow mold Christmas candles, four lamps that I assembled myself, 3 vintage Christmas tree stands,  2 cream can top urns and a heavy steel horse sign.
 A hundred year old buffalo head mount.

 A steel double sided Appaloosa Horses sign
 illuminated by a homemade spotlight on a steel stand.

 A cello in front of a steel ledger desk and
 next to a table that I made.

 Maple top work bench with a tray full of deer
 antlers and other cool things.

 The "tree" on the slab top table is a US Forest
 Service message board from 1937.

 This great old green cased clock is atop
 two coffee tables and under two end tables.

 Cast iron pot belly stove topper will make a great
 center piece on a holiday table.

 Four cast iron stands painted blue, pink,
yellow and white a long time ago.

 5 vintage blow mold Christmas candles next to
 2 big school roll up maps.

 Another great old wall clock atop a milk/butter mixing calculator.

Leather suitcase.

Everything is ready for the sale. So I can do some real work this week.

Mr. Flannery

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That Girl Ang said...

Nice job Mr. Flannery. I wish you much success!