Thursday, January 9, 2014

Picking at -32* Here on the Tundra

We had a couple of things to pick up on Minnesota's iron range yesterday, so we went picking.  It was mainly an escape from the cold induced cabin fever.  It was good to get out.  But, as we were traveling north of Grand Rapids, the outside temp was showing at -32* and we were questioning the idea of picking.  We stopped to pick up our stuff and the guy there had decided to sell us some 1952 Christmas displays, a large two sided Evinrude Outboard Motor sign and 4 vintage outboards that he had previously been uninterested in selling.  So our picking was going to be a success, even if we didn't find anything else.

We stopped at an old garage that we've picked 3-4 times earlier, after 45 minutes there it was clear that we've plucked that place clean of items of interest to us.  We then went across the street to meet Ron.  Ron lives in a large 1930's triplex that has been converted into a single family home.  Ron is in his early 80's and now lives alone in the family home and 4 generations of their leavings.

Ron has money and his ancestor's had money too.  There is a lot of stuff, much of it very nice, but Ron feels no need or urgency in moving anything on.  He was an engineer and graphics designer and is a very well read self taught historian.  Ron decided that I would be an interesting person to talk with.  He tested me on engineering concepts, he regaled me on ship design and naval architecture and he taught me the story of the opening of the great open pit mines that ironed America's great industrial expansion.  Chris and Morgan essentially had free reign of the house while Ron and I gassed.  Morgan and Chris found 3-4 boxes full of stuff that Ron was willing to sell, I looked at a great painting Ron had done 65 years ago and his collection of guns that he would never part with. It was an interesting time, but as far as picking goes, for me it was a bust.

It was good to get out and look around.  It was good to get some items that we had not anticipated, it was good to talk to a very interesting man, but next time I want to look in the closets and drawers while someone else entertains the seller.

Mr. Flannery

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