Thursday, January 2, 2014

Of Flying Chairs and Other Chilling Events

Second Hand Rose in Buffalo Minnesota will be open this January for the first time in many years.   Usually we get to take January off, recognizing that the holidays and other events make getting ready for a sale in early January is very difficult.  This year we can add the difficulties of getting things done here on the frigid tundra to the other issues.
I finished getting my space ready on December 31st.  And I did leave a bunch of stuff from our last sales in place, just marked down to encourage sales.  It looks pretty good, but, as usual, I wish that it looked better.
 In the middle of my space I tried to set up a bar height table with 7 chairs.  They really filled the real estate.

 Behind the two chairs is a 4 section screen featuring women peaking out from behind golden colored umbrellas.

 This is a 1920's 3 section folding screen with an Italian garden scene.

 I have two of these red and white locker units.  One in the space and a second frozen in a snow bank in front of the shop.

 A store display for Jockey brand stockings.

 Five pieces from an European canister set.

Antique wall clock, small clock case and clock guts.

The table with 7 chairs used to have eight chairs.  I found out that chairs don't fly well at 60 mph.  It took the trip out of the truck bed to the highway when I was transporting the load from St. Cloud to Buffalo last Tuesday.  Damn!  I'd like to say that this was a surprise but unfortunately this was not my first instance of "flying chairs".

Mr. Flannery

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