Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2014 at Second Hand Rose

Well its that time again.  The monthly sale at Second Hand Rose starts on Thursday, September 4th.  I have my space finished and ready for the hordes of customers that we hope will decend on the shop.

This is a shot of my entire space from across the aisle.

I like the classroom print of George and the school band gong stand.  They are sitting atop and next to 3 different coffee tables.

Two 1880's Victorian chairs are levitated above the tables.

A great Victorian gable end piece of fretwork seems to have the profile of a stealth bomber.

A handpainted Federalist America fireplace screen.

The screen sits on an elegant 1948 Zenith radio/phonograph.

A copper plated pot rack hangs infront of a nice kitchen cupboard with its original shelf paper.

The big primitive orange painted table is on the bottom.

A metal rolling medical/dental cabinet with a stainless steel top has a chrome plated snare drum used as a centerplace bowl  on it.

A green chippy painted scaffold stand (looks like a ladder) is behind a small oak lecturn.

The blue painted cubby with drawers sits on a rolling restaurant stainless steel cart.  There is a green painted metal tool box with a wood fitted interior on the lower shelf of the cart.

Its going to be another good sale at SHR and I will be working on Sunday.

Mr. Flannery

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