Monday, September 29, 2014

More Treats than Tricks at Second Hand Rose

Well its occasional sale time in Buffalo, Minnesota.  I completed my monthly task of getting my  ten pounds of  hogs into my five pound space.  I took a different tack this time and I have upholstered pieces and lots of color.

 Starting on the East side of my space with an antique washbowl stand on top of a small size buffet.

 A small yellow settee sits on a big orange coffee table and next to antique oak center table that was painted a fashionable green 75 years ago.  The oil painting over the table adds chunks of color.

George sits above a pair of Victorian Eastlake upholstered chair that are on a giant library table with two huge drawers.

 Under the library table is an antique oak console table that has been reduced to coffee table height and a colorfully striped stool.

 Another green painted antique table, coffee table and airplane prop.

 A great big nut is in the center of the stretcher, with tons of framed items to sort through.

The chart is a colorful periodic table of elements printed on metal.

 The panoramic view of my space.

Here hoping for a good sale.  With our four days per month sales format we have only a small window to make our sales work.

Mr. Flannery

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