Monday, July 11, 2016

Stacking it Higher and Deeper

   I had a very busy end of the week.  Real work in St. Paul on Thursday and Friday.  Then a power trip during Friday rush hour from St. Paul to St. Cloud to pick up two leather chairs at Dave Miller's auction house.  Loaded the truck and then headed for Second Hand Rose in Buffalo.  Reset my space at SHR.  Saturday it was on to a farm estate auction and another full pick-up.  Sunday was work day at SHR and another shuffling of goods into the shop.

  The Saturday auction was the most interesting.  They had hay rack after hay rack of smalls ready to sell, 7 racks total.  It seemed that everything that I wanted to bid on was the 6th box added to the 5 boxes that hadn't sold.  I would get 5-6 boxes along with the one item that I sought.  I bought everything from metal shooting targets to vintage x-ray machines.  The auction took 6 hours and then  I started sorting.

  I refused to haul home all the trash in the first 5 boxes, but I couldn't just ditch them without looking.  I sorted through the mound of stuff that had accumulated next to my bidding position.  I left much more than I loaded into the truck.  I strapped and strapped again.  I bungeed and bungeed some more.

Sawhorses for $1 sit on top of the load.  A mid-century modern bed straddled the wheel well.  Wire racks of many different styles topped the load.

I even filled the cavity behind the bed and over the wheel well with junk.  Wire wheel covers that may end up as the shades on a chandelier, a lantern and a well used mailbox.

I got the red chairs for $1 but will only be using the hairpin legs.  There is a Wagner brake fluid machine looking like an old vacuum in the lower right and next to it is the head of the x-ray machine.

I bought the little decrepit Victorian stand at the top to salvage the fretwork.
  Today I have to unload the truck, process the red chairs and then head for an auction.

More adventures,

Mr. Flannery