Sunday, July 31, 2016

A coffee table that I repurposed at Second Hand Rose this month.

   Its time for the monthly four day market at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota again next weekend.  It was hot and humid today getting my pieces into place on Sunday.  There's a new wrinkle for this market too.  I actually assembled a repurposed piece of furniture from items that I have gathered over the past few months.

This is my new old piece.  A great coffee table assembled from a milled ash slab and an old cast iron sewing machine base.

The base is shorter that most old sewing machines and when attached to the ash slab it stands at a perfect coffee table height.

The base is very attractive.
    The rest of my set up involves 4 very large white chippy paint porch posts.  I measured one while it was laying in the truck.  It was going to fit by about one inch.  I hoisted the 100 pound monster into the shop and gingerly slid it into place with about an inch to spare.  I hauled the other three posts into the shop and then tried to set them up.  It seems that the other three posts are about 4 inches taller than the post that I measured and barely fit.  I think that Mr. Murphy was overseeing this entire transaction.  The posts would not fit.  So instead of standing stately on each side of my center vignette, I had to stack them at an angle forming a V on the back wall of my space.

A very nice small walnut desk just in time for back to school.

The blue pieces are livestock feeders that have a bracket to hang on a fence.  They will make great flower pot holders on a porch or a deck.

The 1950's wire rescue basket has been hung upside down from the ceiling showing how it would work as a light fixture and pot holder over a center island.

Great oak North wind face pressed chair hanging above the desk.
  It's going to be a great market in Buffalo this month.

Mr. Flannery

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