Saturday, September 24, 2016

I am ready SO early.

We had a special sale for a bus load of women on a ladies' weekend adventure.  This meant that we had to have our spaces ready more than a week early from the normal monthly market at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota.  I am almost never ready early and often am the last one setting up on the Sunday evening before the normal event.  I have been bringing items in since the last sale.  I brought a load from my soon to be abandoned storage building on Friday and finshed my set up by 10 PM.   And I wasn't the last dealer to complete my set up.

I will probably bring in a few more items and maybe do a little bit of rearranging, but I am now ready for the October market.

The north wall of my space.

A piece of church fretwork, lantern, arts and crafts umbrella stand, silverplate tray and knick-knack shelf, just sort of stacked together.

Silverplate tray sits on the umbrella stand making a small table.

1907 3-D (high relief) Atlas School Map of Africa.  Decorative wood fragments sit on a table in front.

1907 map of South America.

The pile on the east wall.  The table is a narrow drop leaf with only one leaf and a small drawer in the end.

Appears to be a heavy antique vest from India.

Tamborines, 3 vintage Franch berets, a marjong set.

Rolled up antique runner, Doctor's bag and big bucket.

Fancy wood finial

Mid-Century Modern double desk lamp.

Ten Girls by Dickens

Early Minnesota Stories

The west wall.  The table is a vintage small harvest table that will make a great sofa table or TV stand.

And it's orange.

Vintage stained glass window

1920's woman's coat.  Seal with minl collar and wonderful blue and gold liner.

Hardware carrier

Tall Mid Century Modern Italian art glass lamp.

I like the variety of items that I have this month.  Let's hope that the buyers feel the same way.

Mr. Flannery

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Jennifer and Gayle said...

Personally I feel the booth looks a Lil empty :)
Love the vest and pillars