Saturday, March 29, 2008

Herding the Hogs

I attended a nice general auction in St. Cloud on Friday evening. I bought an interesting mix of junk to shabotage, junk to sell as is and junk for me to keep. I filled most of the pick-up truck and was able to bring 90% of it right into the Buffalo shop this morning.

The most interesting item is a large Victorian bench made from a wonderful cast iron and brass bed. It must weigh 150 pounds. It is already at the Porch for the April sale. I found a very nice Jenny Lind single bed, a beautiful oak door with a center window, mouldings and a crackly white paint. The antique Italian accordion looks nice situated half way under one of the stacks of tables.

I am about 3/4th set-up at the Porch. When I have that finished I get to do my favorite thing; price my items. It seems to take me forever to get everything marked and ready to go. My items there range for a huge 1950's greens-to-blue glazed pottery lamp, to a rusty red shabotaged coffee table, to a 1950's back lighted farm scene picture and a 1890's greenish white stained glass window.

I've been finishing my painting on the driveway this afternoon. Walmart had their cheapest spray paint on sale for less than $1 per can. I painted a bunch of broken up gesso frames flat white and a 1940's maple file cubby cabinet primer red. It worked great as long as I remembered to stay upwind of the 20 mph gusts.

Mr. Flannery


Devonia said...

I came over from a post on Cozycottage's blog. Can't say when I last enjoyed reading a blog as much. I'm adding your blog to my "Reason the paint dries on my brushes" links right now. Let me know if it's a problem and I'll take it off but I'm soooo certain my readers will love your blog!

I'll be back,

Devonia said...

PS. IF you look for it, it can be found under Mr. Flannery's Hogs & Roses....

Debbie said...

I love the pics....wish I could visit the Porch sometimes...who knows....maybe Sue and I will take a roadtrip and buy you out! :D