Monday, March 31, 2008

Ready for the April Sale

The entrance to the Porch

My neighbors Annemarie & Lisa

I finally finished setting up my space at the Porch. Now I just hope someone likes it, 'cause I'm not bringing it back to my house.

Mr. Flannery

Victorian Iron & Brass Bed Bench

Another View of the Bench

Newel Post Lamp

1950's Pressed Steel Lawn Chairs

Silver Plate Servers & Italian Accordion

Turquoise Cabinet
& Jenny Lind Bed

Oil on Board Paintings


SueB said...

Mr Flannery I just love it all. I'll keep my fingers crossed but I think your sales will be great


Debbie said...

I feel a road trip to Minnesota coming on....are you up for it, Sue? I want to cart those two metal lawn chairs back home with me!

Nice pics, Mr. Flannery. :)


TERESA said...

If you like the pictures, you should see his stuff in person - colorful, interesting, good old stuff - all layered, stacked, full of character. No one finds the pieces that you do, Peter! Thanks for sharing your auction finds - too much fun for us!

SueB said...

Teresa I'm in NH and Deb is in Arkansas .......but we both would love to come to your shop...Deb and I traveled through Maine last year with our Pottery Group (Roseville, Weller, Marblehead, Staffordshire). We are meeting in NC this year. I've been to auction with Mr Flannery and helped him remove his buys from a mansion where he made me cringe more than once removing fixtures. LOL


Anonymous said...

Mr. Flannery, you have the most interesting and unique items. One day when I can move in to the Biltmore mansion and call it home, I will add some of your treasures to the decor. Not only are you a gem, but so is your stuff. Thanks for snapping a pic of our spot. It's changed some after yesterday.
Your neighbor,

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Well, if I were there your spot would be bare !
I never thought I'd lost anything in Minnesota but maybe I need to re-think.

Lula said...

Deb the lawn chairs are Peter everything looks great..