Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Dance

I have been getting my things ready for the next sale at Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids. It seems that all I do is dance with furniture. I am going to move my barn door table and some other unsold items from The Porch to Gypsy Lea's this afternoon. Mike is going to meet me there to help load the heavy stuff. Then we are going to Second Hand Rose to pick up some of Kris and Mike's unsold pieces.

I did so very well with frames and paintings last time at Gypsy Lea's that I decided to bring a bunch more in today. I have oil paintings, shabby frames, abstracts, maps and prints.

The St. Cloud cable TV is going to be at Gypsy's on Monday so we have to get a nice looking set up complete tonight. The amount of local attention that she has been getting for the new shop in Sauk Rapids has been stupendous. Its a completely different market from Buffalo which is tied to the Twin Cities. The daily newspaper did a feature story on the grand opening last month and there may be a follow-up this month. Gypsy has appeared (or is scheduled) for three local radio shows and the TV is going to do a story. The local market has been very excited by the occasional sale concept and Gypsy's implementation of it in the 100,000 person St. Cloud area.

Mr. Flannery

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SueB said...

Good Morning Mr Flannery I hope none of your dance partners stepped on your toes this weekend. I found a few goodies this weekend yardsaling and am happy to report my special order table is leaving this afternoon. You'll have to ask me later about the bear in a small tree at the bank downtown all day yesterday............poor thing...