Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The June Occasional Sales in Buffalo

I've been having trouble sleeping recently so I have been a bit remiss in getting items posted here. I also was late (again) getting ready for the occasional sale at The Porch. Luckily, Teresa cut me some slack and didn't panic when I waited until today to finish my set up. Her patience is appreciated.

I'm pretty pleased with the way that my barn door table came out. It takes a big chunk of my space in the shop.

The other photos are part of my space too. I really like the 1920's shade on the floor lamp in the last photo. Very shabby.

The entrance to The Porch.

Some of Peggy's stuff.

And Steph's wicker pieces.

Annamarie and Lisa.

Mr. Flannery


SueB said...

The space looks great and I really love the table would be great on my porch. Wish I could come and shop. Good to see you Mr Flannery.

Debbie said...

Your table turned out good....but what I really like is that old coffee box!

Deb :)

ann furnivall said...

mr flannery...your group marketing idea is so interesting...is it working? do a lot of people come? its so neat how you all work together....do you have an open store too?....what do you think is happening in the junk/antique world ? yours looks pretty healthy...down here in hoosier land most stores and malls are hurting....but on the good side im hearing about some real good shows...like kane county....
did you get my email? do you do something else in real life?
love your blog!!!!

TERESA said...

The table is awesome! It's actually stool or work height, and quite a nice piece. You should see his good, old stuff in person -quite impressive.