Monday, October 18, 2010

Airstream Land Yacht

My very long term high school friend, Leigh, was back in Minnesota to check in on her parents, this weekend. We took a little trip around the region to look at some things that I knew that she would be interested in. We took photos of collapsed barns, looked at a farm auction and immediately left, visited Gypsy Lea's to see the wonderful junk available there and EXPLORED an AIRSTREAM trailer that was sitting on the lot of an abandoned gas station for sale.

Damn, she is beautiful. Its a 1970 Land Yacht that has been almost completely gutted. The bathroom is still in good shape and intact, but the rest is stripped down to the bare wood. Leigh is thinking that it would make a great guest bedroom next to her lake house. I think that it will look like a glistening jewel all buffed up and placed in the woods next to her house.

She is calling the owner about it today. I may be haulin' trailer later this week.

Mr. Flannery


simple~needs said...

love it!!!
there are a couple blogs i have seen that have did camper makeovers. hoping she gets it.

Jaybird said...

Cool camper!!
I found this today and it made me think of you!

SecondhandKris said...

That is awesome - Claire Baxter of The Hog Shed does camper makeovers - she and her husband - just in case Leigh needs her!!

Mr. Flannery said...

Leigh made a bid on the trailer. She is supposed to find out today whether she got it.

red.neck chic said...

I want one of those SO BAD! But then I realized that as a redneck I can't really have loftier aspirations...

I'm gonna have to have a Winnebago.


;-D robelyn

Margo said...

Hey Flannery, thanks for commenting on my bakers rack project. Do you take orders???? Maybe you could make one for me that could be flat packed and shipped down here to TX. :)
I'm half serious, LMK

good goods & co said...

Just found your blogv via "Margo's" blog.

I've dreamed of a trailer as a guest house. (near my treehome--I wouldn't have room for guests!)

Did she get it???

I'll be back!!

Jill said...

That is so neat.