Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Old Photos

I really like old photos. I have boxes and boxes and bags of them. I have some old photos that I bought when I garage saled while in college. (We would buy military coats for $.50 and then sell them on campus for $5). Anyway - here are two of my favorite photos.

Everyone is dressed up and eating a big smile shaped slice of watermelon. Fourth of July picnic maybe. Near Annandale MN c. 1880. (The numbers key to names on the back of the photo.)

Two saxaphones, a cornet and she has a slide trombone. Minnesota Iron Range, c. 1920.

Mr. Flannery


Kathy said...

I LOVE both of those photos, Mr. Flannery! So cool. The watermelon one really tickles me though- I just love the different expressions and attitudes. That Gal in the white blouse looks like she's thinking, "just take the ^%#@(%@= picture, already! I've got watermelon juice dripping on my skirt!", while the next Gal down is chowing on hers!

red.neck chic said...

Gil Mille played the baritone sax like nobody's business - still the best 60 years later... maybe that guy was just as good! I think my favorite is the bottom picture - but they both ROCK!


;-D robelyn

red.neck chic said...

melle... can't spell...


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Those are wonderful photos. If they were my family I would be wantin' them. I'm glad they ended up with someone who appreciates them.

simple~needs said...

love the pics!!
i have never understood why people get rid of old photos.

terry5732 said...

"i have never understood why people get rid of old photos."

You can't take em with you