Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look What Came Out from the Snow Melt

The ice on Flannery Bay is just about gone. It will be ice out sometime today. That's one of those milestone events. A true sign of Spring and time for the hundreds of different types of birds to return or pass through on the Mississippi flyway. The eagles, loons, geese, hawks, swans and others have been circling and landing in the open little ponds or the nearby trees.

My great yellow hunter has been searching too. Deer parts earlier this Spring, a dead fish yesterday, he is such a guy.

In the yard was this relic. Melting out of the snow cover was a clear sign of Babe's big winter adventure. I guess that he is a retriever.

Mr. Flannery

1 comment:

red.neck chic said...

You do realize that every redneck has at least one pink flamingo, right?

The question is... are YOU the redneck or Babe? hmmmm....

;-D robelyn