Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Much Time Spent Relearning Old Tricks.

I have my space at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota all set up for the June sale. I have a different area from the one from last month. So anything I learned about the peculiarities of last month's space is just history. At Rose's each dealer is responsible for the set up of their own area. Your stuff fills your space in a way the you decide. This is different from the process used at my other shop, Gypsy Lea's. There the dealers each bring in their materials and then work on a crew to mix it all together and then spread it through the entire shop. Kris' cupboard may hold Gypsy's dishes while sitting next to my table. Each model has its merits, but relearning the personal responsibility of Rose's model has been an eye opening experience for me.

I spent way too much time getting my space together this time. I was at Rose's on Sunday and then again for many hours on Monday. I was sure wishing the the crew would just sweep my stuff up with everything else and put me out of my agony.

The June sale at Rose's starts on Thursday, and my space is set. This will be my last appearance at Rose's for awhile as I only signed on for a two month stint. I think that the space looks appropriately hard and metaly without the softness of the shabbies. It also is properly filled to maximize wall space and real estate.

I put etched mirrors behind the crystal chandeliers incorporated in my warehouse stairs. I hung a small crystal chandelier under the platform of the stairs.

I used Ford Model A V-8 hubcaps to fill spaces above and next to a doorway.

I really like the Folk Art map of Minnesota divided into counties that I used to fill the space above the 2nd doorway in my place.

The space on top of my stainless steel counter remained remarkably decluttered, unlike any flat space in my home or office.

I added these 1925ish Munsing Wear underwear advertising placards to the 3rd lobe of my space to soften the stainless a little. More etched mirror panels are visible behind the display.

It has been a learning experience in dressing my own space. Maybe they'll invite me back to Second Hand Rose for a second guest stint sometime in the future. I just hope sales go well and I won't have to move all that iron. I will be more appreciative and supportive of Gypsy Lea's because the crew makes my thinking a lot easier.

Mr. Flannery

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Must be like riding a bicycle .. you did a great job of setting up.
I'm still sober from your Memorial day post. Lots of thought there.