Monday, July 4, 2011

Hogging the Spot Light

I have completed my third set-up for the occasional sale at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. The sale starts on Thursday and the shop looks great. I'm very pleased with the way my space turned out. It is the second time that I have this location and I think that I have a good "feel" for how the space works. Therefore, I am going to Hog the spotlight in this post and just show you my space.

It was a very hot July 3rd setting up at Second Hand Rose. Other dealers were in and out, but I just sweated and plodded along.

I started by hanging a tambor door on one wall. A tambor door is like the top on a roll top desk only these are about 6 feet wide and 9-10 feet tall. (They were used as access doors to switching equipment in an old telephone switching station). I hung the door sideways and gave the wall an interesting vertical wood panel effect. (See photos 1 & 2, below).

I disassembled two big old industrial lights and rewired them for display in the shop. The old wiring connected to metal lugs on top of green insulators on the outside of the fixture. I am pretty sure that our customers would no be thrilled with big copper wires terminating in connections in the open. I took out all the old wiring, drilled a small hole in the case to pass a new cord through and put an adapter in the socket to accomodate a standard household bulb. I also replaced the working 400 watt bulbs with 40 watt bulbs, the big ones would have turned the shop into a convection oven within about 4 minutes. The lights now have a soft, low wattage glow that can be upgraded to full illumination just by putting in a bigger bulb. These lights are one of my favorite pieces and will look great over a kitchen center island or as lighting in an industrial style space.

This is my favorite wall. The industrial lights are in front of the tambor wall. There are black and white architectural prints, a basket of Ford Model A V-8 hubcaps and a 1950's lounger.

A close up of the recliner.

Yellow painted Swedish immigrant trunk atop a wonderful steel wheeled warehouse cart.

Mr. Flannery


Antiquenut said...

Had a sneak peek at your Booth Peter! Love the old
fixtures.. Tables and chandelier! The cow brown tone
picture was awesome!

red.neck chic said...

You seriously wouldn't get me out of your space. I'd either be taking it all with me - or just loitering.

;-D LOVE the lights!!!